Attracting, procuring, and retaining top talent is difficult right now.  Really hard, even in tough economies.  When employees leave for another position, to go off on their own, personal reasons or retirement, the process to fill that vacancy can be daunting.  The added stress and workload of the void doesn't help matters.

"Hold my calls" was a term used when someone needed to focus on an important task or when meeting with a client or coworker. Today, there are too many forms of communication to "hold".  Emails, texts, instant messages, social media platforms, and the phone are all sources of distraction. 

Jerry Stiltner, general manager of Personnel Source, a temporary employment agency, said employers are having to pay higher wages to attract workers.

“We are seeing a bit of an uptick in the wage offerings, especially for entry level positions,” he said. Businesses are “competing for workers.”

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