Training Program

Everyone seems to offer “Training”, how are you different?

With our experience in the market, we have streamlined our training process to make sure that the most qualified candidates are presented to our partners.

All of our employees are Workforce Readiness Certified (WRC)

Our employees are Workforce Readiness Certified through our standard 15 point certification program. This program assures that our clients will fill their job assignments with the most prepared and qualified workforce.

How do our employees become WRC certified?

To become WRC certified our employees are put through a rigorous 15 step preparation process and individually certified by one of our Human Resource professional before they are eligible for assignment.

Or employees can gain additional certifications through our Ready SET WRC training and testing program. This program gives our employees access to skill enhancement tools and testing processed that allow them to increase their certification level.

What steps are taken in the WRC certification process?

Our WRC certification process includes:

  • In-depth on-line employment application
  • Face-to-face interview with a recruiter
  • Insight survey
  • Past employment verifications
  • Confirmation of legal work eligibility
  • In-depth criminal background check
  • Recruiter assessments
  • New hire orientation
  • Video orientation and quiz
  • Accurate in-house or lab based drug screening
  • Safety training
  • Personal commitment to safety policy
  • Payroll and time sheet procedures
  • Assignment dispatch sheet
  • Verbal orientation

“I need an employee that truly understands Customer Service/Microsoft Office/Blueprint Reading/Accounting/etc., how do I know that they have the skills aside from looking at their resume?”

Depending on the specific measurable skills you are looking for, we can conduct testing at our facility for over 500 specific application and skills. We will then provide the test scores for you to review, or simply give us a baseline score you would like to see, and we will only approve candidates that hit that mark.

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