Getting Paid Is Getting Easier

In our efforts to continue to provide the best employment solutions for our employees, Personnel Source is excited to announce a new method of payment for our valued employees!

The process of printing out paper paychecks to be picked up or delivered to our employees is long gone. Moving forward, we will be offering an exciting new tool with paycards! Personnel Source has teamed up with rapid! PayCard to help transition us over to this new method. Personnel Source will no longer issue paper pay checks, so we need to receive your direct deposit information you right away!


If you have a bank account and would like to set up direct deposit to a bank account or existing bank card, please fill out our DIRECT DEPOSIT form as outlined, and return it to our office in person.


Don’t have a bank? Prefer a paycard? No problem! Sign up for a new rapid! PayCard and return to our office to pick up your card. Your pay will be loaded to this unique and easy to use debit card each pay period.

Sign-up for either direct deposit or rapid! PayCard now and avoid delays in getting paid!

Click here more information on how the rapid! PayCard works.

Can I use my card with other employers?

Yes you can take your card to other employers and even have tax refunds or just about any other kind of direct deposit placed on your card. Please use the Rapid PayCard direct deposit enrollment form to provide your direct deposit information to your employer or other entity that you need to recieve direct deposit funds from.

How can I access funds?

The rapid! PayCard is a full bank account with the ability to make ATM withdrawls, Point of Sale purchases, Bill Pay and many other services. You can also do "teller assisted" cash withdrawls at any bank that is a partner with MasterCard (most major banks), request ACH Transfer of funds or request a paper check. Many of these services you can do on your own by registering and logging into your account at or by calling them at 1-877-380-0980.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your balance by logging into your account at, calling 1-877-380-0980, or by downloading their mobile app for iPhone or Andoid.