Tax Forms

2022 Tax Forms

2022 tax forms are available in our Employee WebCenter. If you have not opted to receive your form electronically then your form was mailed, postmarked no later that January 31st. If you have not gotten your tax form we would recogmend that you download it from the employee WebCenter or contact us by email if you need a paper copy, please be sure to include your full legal name, last 4 of your SSN and your full complete mailng address including apartment or unit number in your mail.

To get your tax forms online you can then log on to our employee WebCenter and then click on the option to "Manage W-2s".

Please note if you are using a mobile device you need to use the "Desktop Version" of the WebCenter portal to get your tax form. You can switch to the Desktop Version by clicking that link at the bottom of the page.

Due to security reasons we will not email tax forms. Tax forms are not available in the TempWorks mobile app, they are on the WebCenter website only.

W-2 Reprint of a Previous Year's Form

Tax forms for the 2021 tax year are available in our employee WebCenter, please see the instructions above on how to retrieve your form.

To request a tax form from 2020 or earlier please email us, please be sure to include your full Legal Name and either the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or the name of the client employer you worked for. Our staff will then be able to pull your W-2 so that you can retrieve it in WebCenter in the other documents section. Instructions will be included in the email, please review them before downloading.

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