Where is my pay stub? How do I get a copy of my payroll history?

  • Your paystubs and payroll history is available through our employee portal. From there you can view or print any of your pay stubs and payroll history. You can also request a paystub or payroll history in person in one of our offices.

Can I print a time card from your website?

  • Yes! Weekly and biweekly time cards are available in Excel or PDF format. Semi-Month/Monthly time cards are also available in Excel and PDF format. Be sure to drop off, fax or mail your time card with your supervisor’s signature by Tuesday of every week. Don’t forget that we can’t pay you without your time card!

Can I get my check deposited directly into my bank account?

Yes! Turn in the form below with a voided check to the front desk at your local branch to get started. If you have a direct deposit authorization letter from your bank bearing your name and signature you can turn that form into your local branch, you do not need to complete our form.

Can I view Personnel Source safety policies, orientation materials and other general information online?

Yes! Below are links to information about safety, new employee orientation and other general information.

Does Personnel Source provide insurance to temporary employees?

Yes. Personnel Source does offer insurance to a long term variable and non-variable employees once they have met certain qualifications and length of service as required by our insurance carrier. Our policy administrator will contact you once you qualify for coverage.

Untill you meet our enrollment qualifications we encourage employees to look at their options for insurance that are provided through their state’s Health Insurance Marketplace. For additional information on these new health insurance options please see the notice listed below.

Oregon, Indiana, Utah Residents Healthcare Marketplace Notice
Washington and Idaho Residents Healthcare Marketplace Notice

How do I get my year end tax (W-2) form?

Year end tax forms are available staring about the last week of January following the tax year in which you worked. Those forms are mailed to the last known address you have in our system. It is important to let us know about an address change to ensure timely delivery of your form. We also provide forms on-line from the latter half of January through April. The online system will allow you to download and print your form.

Please see our section on Year End Tax Forms for more information.

Am I eligible for sick leave?

Our temporary employees on assignment in Oregon and Washington are available for sick leave once they haven been on assignment for 90 days. Please refer to our Oregon or Washington sick leave policies for details on your eligibility.

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