Lamination Technology Industries


To Whom It May Concern:

Since 2005 Personnel Source has played a critical role in LTI’s growth. Product lines have diversifies and sales have tripled. And due to the cyclical nature of our labor requirements, our largest division relies heavily on a flexible work force. Personnel Source has delivered.

The Benefits:

  1. Labor costs are controlled
  2. Training costs are minimal
  3. Administrative costs are minimal
  4. Divisional management productivity has increased

As for the service level – LTI operates in a service level sensitive environment. We know that importance of exceeding expectations and we look for this trait in our suppliers. Our Personnel Source representative, Brenda Edwards, has exceeded our expectations and continues to do so. Her take-charge professionalism has eliminated the LTI focus on timely labor administration, which has contributed handsomely to our ongoing growth and profitability.

Thank you Brenda! And thank you Personnel Source.


Brian Clark
General Manager
Lamination Technology Industries

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