Kadee Quality Products

Kadee Quality Products co. has been utilizing the professional temp to hire staffing service of Personnel Source exclusively for over the past 10 years!

As a business owner you know your best and worst challenges come from employees.   When you have special job that requires on the job training as we do, not everyone is suited for a specific type of work (may it be production or assembly) Personnel Source qualifies their people to find a job that is suitable to them and more importantly the fulfill their client’s needs.

In today’s climate, finding good solid workers is not easy.  Personnel Source takes the trouble out of hiring a new employee and just as important the ability to terminate the employee should they not work out.   Yes, you do pay a small premium for the service, but think how much less stress you will have if things don’t happen to work out!   Boom, one quick call to Personnel Source and that temporary employee is gone.  On the other hand, when we put someone on, we have the ability to watch how they progress with the task giving to them and hope that they continue the fine work and skills they develop in order to hire them Fulltime.   That is our end goal to hire the temp full time after they have proven themselves as a dependable, hardworking, on time employee and that is what we get from Personnel Source.


Alan Vezzani


Kadee Quality Products Co.

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