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To Whom It May Concern:

Connor Manufacturing Services has partnered with Personnel Source Inc. for our staffing needs since 2006. We have worked with a variety of staffing agencies over the years, but Personnel Source has been our #1 source for staffing our production ship since we began working with them.

We do our production hiring on a temp-to-hire basis, so most of our employees have come to us through Personnel Source. We also have a fair amount of urgent temp requests when we provide PSI with very little lead time, yet they respond quickly with a candidate ready to work.

I believe that the key to Personnel Source’s success is their committed staff. They do not have the turnover in their staffing office that you’ll find with other agencies, and they genuinely care about their customers. They are friendly and personable and always cognizant of our expectations and requirements.

As a client, I also appreciate the communication that PSI provides. They know that email works best for me, so they keep me updated with regular emails when we are working on staffing requests. They respect the client’s time and provide the level of communication that is necessary for that partnership to succeed.

I would highly recommend PSI to anyone seeking a local staffing firm for their temp and/or temp-to-hire needs.


Staci Ross
Corporate HT Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services

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