Oregon STIF Tax

Starting July 1, 2018, there will be a new Oregon tax deduction shown on paystubs for Oregon’s Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund or STIF Tax.

The tax is one-tenth of one percent (.001)—or $1 per $1,000 and will appear on your check stub as OR STIF. Personnel Source will be automatically withholding the tax—just like the personal income tax—so you don’t have to do or change anything. Unlike the personal income tax, there’s no withholding exemption for this tax. The tax applies to all residents of Oregon, reguardless of what state they work in, and non-residents that are working in Oregon. 

Revenue from the statewide transit tax will go to expanding public transportation throughout Oregon. For more information on how the tax revenues will be used, check out “HB 2017 Funding Package” under “Projects & News” on the Oregon Department of Transportation’s website at www.oregon.gov/odot or take a look at the HB2017 Fact Sheet.

To learn more about the tax itself, visit the Department of Revenue Statewide Transportation Tax page.

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