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What's in the background....?

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Do you conduct criminal background investigations on your job candidates?  If you hire through Personnel Source you do! In fact, 90% of our clients have specific background investigation criteria that we conduct for them.  

The criminal background check industry varies widely in the scope of the investigation, the databases utilized and the criteria for reporting data back to the client.  In order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information, Personnel Source has researched dozens of search firms, industry guidelines, Fair employment laws and best practices to come to the conclusion...There is no bombproof solution.

Our research has shown that there is no single source that provides comprehensive data regarding the criminal activity of an individual.  It is for this reason we have determined to research the things that concern you the most...National Sex Offender Registry, state judicial information networks and the Nation Flash Database.  We have found this combination very effective at identifying applicants with criminal history.  This 3 way criminal background check is provided at no additional charge as part of our screening process.

Perfecting this process is not easy and it continues to evolve as information networks become available.  It is our hope that by providing you with some insight on the mechanics of the process you will rest assured that Personnel Source is staying on the front lines of your employment needs.

For more information, or to discuss the data sources, contact one of our branch managers.  

Did you know....

Personnel Source also verifies the citizenship status of every employee we hire?  We were part of the Homeland Security Electronic Verification Pilot project (now known as eVerify) as early as 2006.

The programs addressed above are a part of our candidate certification process called Workforce Readiness Certified (WRC).  Our clients can trust that every employee assigned to them meets or exceeds this rigorous certification aimed at proving the very best employees available.  In addition, our candidates can gain a higher certification status through our Ready SET WRC program.  This program allows interested candidates to hone their skills with resources available through our website for a wide variety occupational skill sets.  

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