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OUR TURN TO SERVE! Help us give back to the returning service men and women of the Armed Forces!

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As our courageous troops arrive home from Iraq, Afghanistan and other deployments around the world, many find themselves faced with the challenge of finding employment in their home communities. Related Article  

Personnel Source would like to take this opportunity to invite all of our current and prospective client employers to band with us in a commitment to helping our Veterans, National Guard Reservists and the families that support these troops with securing employment in our communities. 

Not only do these local heroes deserve our extra attention, our experience in hiring them says they are worth it.  Our service men and women have experienced rigorous schedules under extreme pressure day in and day out, and the families of these Veterans understand commitment and loyalty in ways that are not easily understood by others. The training our military personnel receive creates an added value that is beneficial to most civilian positions and is generally not recognized on a resume or in an interview.

Do you have a position open that requires attention to detail, commitment to quality, safety awareness, good attitude and strong work ethic? 

American service men and women are back and looking for work.Each of our branch offices works with Veteran resource organizations with the focus of connecting local Veterans with employers. We have staff available to support all types of seasonal and long-term workload changes.  Contact a Branch office near you today!    

Here is a list of resources we have assembled to help you help our deserving Veterans. Thank you in advance for your support of our returning heroes.

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