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New Year!.......Approach it with Certainty

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2011 has arrived, and with it, more economic uncertainty. We thought it might be comforting to focus on the things we do to bring somecertainty to your hiring and employment process.

Does the legal employment status of your workforce concern you?

Personnel source verifies the legal status of every employee. We were part of the Homeland Security Electronic Verification Pilot project (now known as eVerify) as early as 2006 and we manually verified documentation with INS prior to that.

Drug Free Workplace?

Personnel Source was the first staffing service in Oregon to become certified as a drug testing lab. Our recruiters are trained in chain of custody, test interpretation and our results hold up in court. All our employees are subject to our drug testing policy.

Workplace Safety?

Personnel Source has direct access to national, state and local crime databases. Every employee must meet our stringent background checks.

Candidate Assessment and Testing?

Personnel Source is the only service that customizes skills testing to your specific job opening. Candidates take assessments based on the specifics of your job opening.

Employee Reliability and integrity?

Personnel Source utilizes proven tools for evaluating truthfulness, dependability, violence, theft, workers comp fraud and drug abuse.

These are just a few areas that we address for our clients that bring them a sense of certainty on a daily basis.  We are particulary proud of our resent candidate certification process called Workforce Readiness Certified (WRC).  In addition, our candidates can gain additional certification status through our Ready SET WRC program. This program allows interested candidates to hone their skills with resources available through our website for a wide variety occupational skill sets.

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