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2020 News Years Resolution:
Give Your Social Media a Professional Makeover

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“Ping!” Facebook beeps, displaying the notification, “We care about your memories.” The title dances across photos of nostalgic memories from your earlier years. Like a souvenir, these publicly posted pictures hold a sentiment. However, you aren’t the only one in these reminiscences. It is important to remember that in today’s culture, everything we do is making a lasting imprint. If you are using social media in 2020, make the resolution to review your profiles. Are they consistent, updated, admirable, and do they portray a positive professional image? Here are some ideas to help you land a new job with a good online impression.  

  1. Audit all your accounts. Consistently use professional images across all social media platforms. Remove posts or images that are inappropriate or that may be seen as unprofessional to a future employer.
  2. Delete unused social media accounts. When is the last time you posted to your Myspace account? Is it still active online? Create your own “self-brand” and display it proudly across all relevant platforms. You want hiring managers to know who you are, what makes you unique, and what your career plans are. Outdated, or unused profiles will likely not represent who you are today in 2020.  
  3. Highlight your accomplishments while working on new achievements. Have you completed projects that you are exceptionally proud of? What do you want to do better in 2020? Think of social media as your portfolio. Examples of achievements you might want to highlight could be leading a mentoring program, volunteering, or completing an inspirational art project. Becoming more involved in your community, professionally, will help you stand out, and potentially lead you to the top when being considered for a new job.

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