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6 Ways You Can Differentiate Yourself from Other Candidates

Applying for jobs can seem daunting. After all, you’re essentially trying to prove that you’re the best candidate option for the job. How do you do this? It is safe to assume that most if not all of the candidates applying have the hard skills that the job requires, but what about soft skills? Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors that allow you to succeed in the workplace. It is these skills that will set you apart from other applicants. Let’s take a look at how you can use soft skills to separate yourself from other candidates.

Demonstrate That You are a Leader

Show once you are trained your hand does not need to be held through every little task and that you are capable of leading others. Employers appreciate candidates who are independent and capable of stepping up to the plate. It conveys that you possess a great deal of motivation.

Show That You are Capable of Solving Problems

Even the best of jobs are going to have problems that arise. The ability to solve these problems correctly and efficiently makes for a great employee. Sure, there will be some problems that you will need to take to your supervisor, but make sure you demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are an avid problem solver.

Exhibit Strong Work Ethic Skills

Often employers would rather have candidates who require more training but have a great work ethic over candidates who have terrible work ethics no matter how little training they require. It doesn’t matter how well a candidate knows the hard skills required for the position, if there is a lack of work ethic and motivation, they won’t be a valuable member of the team.

The Ability to Be Able to Work with a Team

Show the hiring supervisor that you are not only a leader but that you work well with a team. You know how to listen as much as you contribute.  You take on your share of the workload to make sure all tasks are completed on time.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication is critical in the workforce. Demonstrating you can communicate clearly and effectively with your co-workers, supervisors, and clients is imperative to success in the workforce and sure to set you apart from other candidates.

The Bottom Line

The little secret that few people realize is that employers are more likely to hire candidates who have a great set of soft skills, even if their hard skills need some work. The reason is that soft skills cannot be taught, but hard skills can. When it comes time to apply to your next job let Personnel Source help you fine-tune your resume so that you stand out among a pool of candidates! Contact us today to learn more.


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