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6 Tips for Following Up After Submitting a Resume

You’ve found the perfect job posting, sent off your resume and now you’re anxiously awaiting. Is it appropriate to follow up after submitting a job application? Absolutely! It is more than appropriate it is recommended. Following up on a job application shows the hiring manager you have a sincere interest in the position and can set you apart from other candidates. Let’s take a look at 6 tips for following up on your resume.

Adhere to the Job Posting

Before following up on a resume submitted for a job application, double-check the job posting for any specified timelines such as a closing date for the posting. You should never follow up before specified timelines as this can rub hiring managers the wrong way. If a timeline is not specified, a good rule of thumb is to wait about a week before following up on your submission.

Follow Up with a Professional Email

If you choose to follow up with an email, keep it short and sweet. Thank the hiring manager for their time, reiterate your interest in the position, and explain that you just want to follow up on the application sent in and ask if there is any further information you can provide.

Make a Follow Up a Phone Call

It is also perfectly acceptable to follow up with a phone call. Contact the hiring manager directly. Give your name and explain that you submitted a resume and want to follow up on the position. Reiterate your interest and thank them for their time.

Send a Follow Up Letter

A follow-up letter should follow the general guidelines as a follow-up email. Avoid a long rambling letter and keep it short. Express your interest, inquire as to whether or not the position has been filled and you would like to be considered. If you choose to use snail mail, consider the amount of time it will take for the letter to arrive.

Utilize Your Connections

It never hurts to use your connections. If you know someone at the company, ask them if they are able to find out whether or not applications have been reviewed, interviews scheduled, and the position filled. If you can, even ask them to put in a good word for you if the opportunity presents itself.

Interact with Social Media

Show your sincere interest in working for the company by showing your support on their social media accounts. You can follow the company on Instagram or like their page on Facebook.

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