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3 Tips to Make a Good Impression at Your New Job

Congratulations on the new job! The first day of work may feel foreign and intimidating. Hang in there! Feeling nervous is instinctive and can help sharpen your focus. The first few weeks can be challenging, but your hard work will pay off. Every job can lead to incredible possibilities. Remember these 3 tips to ensure you leave a good impression.

  1. View the manager as a person you help, not just as someone telling you what to do.

    Yes, the manager is there to advise employees. It is crucial that you follow directions - but knowing that you are helping someone, not just obeying them, will make your job more enjoyable. Communicate with your boss on your first day to make sure you understand what is expected of you. Don’t just ask for help, offer help too.
  2. Assist your coworkers

    Successfully working as a team to complete tasks increases the value you bring to a job. Start by asking, “May I help you with that? I just started working here so you may have to tell me what to do, but I would love to help.” Even if you are not taken up on the offer, showing initiative before you’re asked is a great way to make a good impression at your new job.
  3. Observe the leading employees.

    What makes the leading employees stand out? Learn how they tackle obstacles and make decisions. Examine the top performers and mimic them. To help you stand out, stay up to date and informed on your industry.

A Lasting Impression

Leap into your new job with passion, energy, and an eagerness to learn. Determination for success and a willingness to help, will leave a lasting impression at a new job.

Personnel Source hires across the Pacific Northwest. When you are hired through us you have Real Recruiters invested in your success. Contact a Real Recruiter for assistance throughout your employment. Keep up the good work and enjoy your new job!

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