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Personnel Source, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, color, age, national origin, disability, religion, familial status, source of income, or marital status.

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Job Number Job Title State Postal Code City
00004NCB Event Set Up / Take Down - Associate OR 97008 Beaverton
00004K1G Quality Technician OR 97024 Fairview
00004N8W Warehouse Associate for Manufacurting Company OR 97024 Fairview
00004MVY Assembler for Manufacurting Company OR 97024 Fairview
00004NF9 Metal Manufacturing Facility Seeks Assemblerr OR 97024 Fairview
00004MNZ Warehouse Workers OR 97071 Woodburn
00004NDT Entry Level Machinist OR 97132 Newberg
00004NBL Customer Care Specialists - Healthcare OR 97201 Portland
00004NK4 Marketing Project Coordinator OR 97201 Portland
00004NBH Delivery Driver OR 97202 Portland
00004NDX Production - Steel Manufacturer OR 97203 Portland
00004MXR Machine Operator - Food Industry OR 97203 Portland
00004GY0 Warehouse Associate - Steel OR 97203 Portland
00004N8B Superintendent - Multifamily Construction OR 97210 Portland
00004MZD Portland General Application OR 97211 Portland
00004N88 Shipping & Receiving Associate OR 97211 Portland
00004N2S Lumber Associates Needed for SE PDX and Milwaukie OR 97213 Portland
00004MQ8 Driver for Local Lumber Company OR 97213 Portland
00004HZK Lumber Associates OR 97213 Portland
00004DRR Skilled Laborers / Production - Recycling Plant OR 97217 Portland
00004HNH Logistics Agent (Ocean and/or Air Operations) OR 97220 Portland
00004MH3 Cabinet Assemblers - Union Shop OR 97220 Portland
00004MH7 Sawyer for Cabinet Shop in NE PDX OR 97220 Portland
00004NDZ Entry level - Labor OR 97220 Portland
00004NF1 Production for Gresham Printing Company OR 97230 Portland
00004MZF Salem General Application OR 97301 Salem
00004MLK Electronic Assembly OR 97301 Salem
00004MPN Machine Operator - Cabinet Manufacturer OR 97302 Salem
00004NCD Bookkeeper/Payroll OR 97302 Salem
00004MMB Custodian OR 97303 Salem
00004MM2 Internal Job Coach OR 97303 Salem
00004NGJ Part-time Custodian - Evenings OR 97306 Salem
00004MLG Construction - Experienced - Career Opportunity OR 97325 Aumsville
00004MM5 Production Workers Days,Swing, Graveyard Shifts OR 97338 Dallas
00004NH7 Green Chain Puller OR 97396 Willamina
00004MZC Eugene General Application OR 97401 Eugene
00004NJ2 Administrative and Customer Service positions OR 97401 Eugene
00004FJC Apartment Repair Technicians OR 97401 Eugene
00004NJ3 Payroll OR 97402 Eugene
00004D57 Electronics Production Associate OR 97402 Eugene
00004NDN Commercial Project Assistant OR 97402 Eugene
00004CH7 Rebar Coating Line In-feed operator OR 97402 Eugene
00004GLP Seasonal Packaging & Data Entry Clerk OR 97402 Eugene
00004MQS Order Puller OR 97408 Coburg
00004HL3 Diesel Mechanic OR 97446 Harrisburg
000048LZ Lumber Mill Clean up OR 97477 Springfield
00004NJW Plumbing Parts Purchasing OR 97501 Medford
00004NHG Delivery Driver/ Backup Warehouse Support OR 97501 Medford
00004MP2 Customer Service/Outside Maintenance-PT OR 97501 Medford
00004LV3 Bilingual Front Desk Specialist OR 97501 Medford
00004NCF Legal Office Assistant/Paralegal OR 97501 Medford
00004NGF Receptionist/MH Crisis Department OR 97501 Medford
00004MW3 Labor OR 97501 Medford
00004NJC Admin/Clerical Temporary OR 97502 Central Point
00004LF8 Welder OR 97502 Central Point
00004NCG Equipment/Fleet Mechanic OR 97502 Central Point
00004MXF Production Supervisor-Hardwood Specialties OR 97503 White City
00004NFD HR Support OR 97503 White City
00004ND1 Bookkeeper OR 97503 White City
00004NJ6 Receptionist OR 97503 White City
00004NJK Maintenance Mechanic OR 97503 White City
00004MX9 Maintenance Mechanic/Machine Operator OR 97503 White City
00004MXH Chemical Mixing OR 97503 White City
00004N2T Production OR 97503 White City
00004NB4 Finishing Days OR 97503 White City
00004HD0 Day Shift Production Labor OR 97503 White City
00004LPZ Linen Counter OR 97503 White City
00004LTD Machine Operator OR 97503 White City
00004L06 Millworker OR 97503 White City
00004J7Z Machine Operator III OR 97503 White City
00004JBT Kitchen Prep-2nd shift OR 97503 White City
00004JCP Kitchen Prep Early shift OR 97503 White City
00004MC5 Prefinished Siding Manufacturing/Production Labor OR 97503 White City
00004N9W Hardwood Veneer Grader OR 97503 White City
00004ND2 Inventory Coordinator OR 97503 White City
00004ND9 Production Scheduler-Wood Products OR 97503 White City
00004N5Y Finishing Days OR 97503 White City
00004N2Y Production Supervisor OR 97503 White City
00004NKH Prefinished Siding Machine Operator OR 97503 White City
00004NFN Internet Sales and bookkeeping OR 97504 Medford
00004MK4 Billing Specialist OR 97504 Medford
00004LRX Retail Sales OR 97504 Medford
00004N34 Television Technician AV Engineer Assistant OR 97504 Medford
00004NHF Television Master Control Operator OR 97504 Medford
00004N4R FT Janitor-Maintenance Assistant OR 97504 Medford
00004MZG Medford General Application OR 97504 Medford
00004D47 QMHA OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004D48 MHT OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004MZY Cook OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004N4K Janitor/Maintenance OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004MVW Lab Technician OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004LTG Ornamental Welder OR 97527 Grants Pass
00004MWT Labor-Fence Builder OR 97527 Grants Pass
00004MCV Digital Project Manager OR 97537 Rogue River
00004MHS Admin. Assistant OR 97539 Shady Cove
000040HC Machine Operators Needed For Swing Shift WA 98642 Ridgefield
00004M8G Packers Needed - 12 Hour Shifts In Ridgefield WA 98661 Vancouver
00004NF3 Entry Level Packer WA 98661 Vancouver
000040RX Warehouse Workers (Load/Unload) WA 98661 Vancouver
00004NF7 Packers Needed - 12 Hour Shifts In Ridgefield WA 98661 Vancouver
00004GZS Indoor Production Work - Wood Industry WA 98661 Vancouver
00004K6Z Yard Loader WA 98671 Washougal
00004HW4 Machine Shop - Production Openings On Day Shift WA 98674 Woodland
00004NBT CNC Machinist/ Maintenance WA 98674 Woodland
00004NJY Landscaping WA 98682 Vancouver
00004NJP Machine Operator - Weekends WA 98682 Vancouver
00004NFT Accounts Payable Assistant WA 98682 Vancouver
00004MKT Case Sealer WA 98683 Vancouver
00004NDV Packer/Day Shift WA 98683 Vancouver
00004NKB Case Sealer WA 98683 Vancouver
00004MZH Vancouver General Application WA 98684 Vancouver
00004NB2 Entry Level Position in a Fabrication Shop WA 98685 Vancouver
00004MPC Production Workers WA 99201 Spokane
00004MZJ Spokane General Application WA 99201 Spokane
00004NDF Welder WA 99202 Spokane
00004MVF Filter Line Production Workers WA 99212 Spokane Valley
00004N3M Laser Operator WA 99216 Spokane Valley
00004N3N Welder/Fitter/Fabricator WA 99216 Spokane Valley
00004N7K Laser Operator WA 99216 Spokane Valley
00004NDG Maintenance Tech Assistant WA 99216 Spokane Valley
00004N3S Packaging Operator-Day Shift WA 99224 Spokane
00004N3T Packaging Operator-Swing Shift WA 99224 Spokane
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