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Personnel Source, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, color, age, national origin, disability, religion, familial status, source of income, or marital status.

You have found 142 job listings.

Job Number Job Title State Postal Code City
00004K38 Shipping Clerk - Metal Production OR 97024 Fairview
00004JKL Warehouse Workers - Tualatin, OR OR 97062 Tualatin
00004NQW Warehouse Workers OR 97071 Woodburn
00004P83 Warehouse Worker OR 97071 Woodburn
00004GY0 Warehouse Associate (Steel Plate Department) OR 97203 Portland
00004N38 Food Production - Swing Shift OR 97203 Portland
000049W4 Outdoor Laborerrs Needed for Sawmill (Days) OR 97210 Portland
00004P3Z Administrative Scheduler OR 97210 Portland
00004MZD Portland General Application OR 97211 Portland
00004DRR Production Worker For Rubber Recycling Plant OR 97217 Portland
00004NF8 Skilled Laborer Needed For Graveyard OR 97217 Portland
00004P31 Production Worker For Rubber Recycling Plant OR 97217 Portland
00004MLF Railroad Transloader OR 97217 Portland
00004MN7 Logistics Agent OR 97220 Portland
00004MH5 Spray Finisher for Cabinet Shop OR 97220 Portland
00004NF2 Swing Shift - Bindery Work (Feed and Pack) OR 97230 Portland
00004NWT Sanitizer / Clean Up Associate OR 97230 Portland
00004NF1 Production for Gresham Printing Company OR 97230 Portland
00004P89 Customer Service Assistant - Commercial Insurance OR 97239 Portland
00004MZF Salem General Application OR 97301 Salem
00004P2K On-Call Food Production OR 97301 Salem
00004P81 Custodian OR 97301 Salem
00004P2P Machine Operator - Cabinet Manufacturer OR 97302 Salem
00004NVX Inside Sales Representitive OR 97302 Salem
00004P24 Custodial/Maintenance Workers OR 97302 Salem
00004P1V Transaction Coordinator OR 97302 Salem
00004NW1 Batch Maker/Forklift Driver OR 97302 Salem
00004P7V Inside Sales Representitive OR 97302 Salem
00004P8P Warehouse Workers OR 97302 Salem
00004P12 Warehouse/Packaging Worker OR 97303 Salem
00004P22 Custodian OR 97303 Salem
00004P7T Day Break Assistant Dallas Or OR 97303 Salem
00004NZ5 General Clean-up OR 97325 Aumsville
00004NYF General Carpentry OR 97325 Aumsville
00004P23 Custodial/Maintenance - Corvallis OR 97330 Corvallis
00004P21 Manufacturing - General Labor OR 97338 Dallas
00004P4V Production Worker - Green Chain OR 97396 Willamina
00004MZC Eugene General Application OR 97401 Eugene
00004NHL Assistant Property Maintenance Tech OR 97401 Eugene
00004P77 Part-time Accounting Assistant OR 97401 Eugene
00004P46 SaaS Support Engineer OR 97401 Eugene
00004P7D Floor Waxer OR 97401 Eugene
00004P7F Floor Waxer OR 97401 Eugene
00004NZY Production labor OR 97402 Eugene
00004N0Q Organic Soil Manufacturing OR 97402 Eugene
000049WS Steel Assembly and Production OR 97402 Eugene
00004CH7 Rebar Coating Line In-feed operator OR 97402 Eugene
00004P75 Customer Service OR 97402 Eugene
00004P79 Construction Cost Estimator OR 97402 Eugene
00004P2B Home Appliance Service Technician OR 97402 Eugene
00004P6H Sanitation Technician (Temp) OR 97402 Eugene
00004K0N Warehouse Helper/Delivery Driver OR 97402 Eugene
00004NVV Service Coordinator OR 97402 Eugene
00004NG4 Production Administrative Assistant OR 97408 Coburg
00004P80 Logistics Coordinator OR 97446 Harrisburg
000043DK Service Tech OR 97477 Springfield
00004P37 Plywood Mill General Labor - Clean up OR 97501 Medford
00004NYX Production Packaging and Assembly OR 97501 Medford
00004P6F Farm work OR 97501 Medford
00004P71 Sanitation/Janitorial Cannabis Production OR 97501 Medford
00004P2F Land Use Planner OR 97501 Medford
00004P73 Packaging Cannabis- Swing Shift OR 97501 Medford
00004P74 Packaging Cannabis-Day Shift OR 97501 Medford
00004P84 MDPLY OR 97501 Medford
00004P87 Office Assistant OR 97501 Medford
00004P8L Warehouse Support OR 97501 Medford
00004P7R Office Assistant OR 97502 Central Point
00004P6P COVID 19 Policy Monitor OR 97503 White City
00004HD0 Cut Stock Production Days /2nd Chance Client OR 97503 White City
00004LPZ Professional Laundry Worker Entry Level OR 97503 White City
00004P4T Professional Laundry Worker Entry Level OR 97503 White City
00004P41 Kitchen Prep Early shift OR 97503 White City
00004J7X Sanitation 3rd shift OR 97503 White City
00004J7Z Machine Operator III OR 97503 White City
00004J93 Food Production Assembly Line -Day Shift OR 97503 White City
00004JBT Kitchen Prep OR 97503 White City
00004NKH Prefinished Siding Machine Operator OR 97503 White City
00004J7V Food Mfg. Warehouse/Forklift OR 97503 White City
00004J94 Food Manufacturing - Materials Movement 2nd Shift OR 97503 White City
00004J95 Food Production Heavy Lifter Day Shift OR 97503 White City
00004P42 Kitchen Prep OR 97503 White City
00004P70 QA Tech OR 97503 White City
00004P86 Bee Hive Manufacturer- Swing Shift-Full Time OR 97503 White City
00004P7W Road Crew OR 97503 White City
00004P6Y Bee Box Manufacturing-Chop Saw Operator OR 97503 White City
00004MZG Medford General Application OR 97504 Medford
00004P0M Food Service Workers OR 97504 Medford
00004P5H Pharmacy Tech OR 97504 Medford
00004P7N Customer Service and Sales OR 97504 Medford
00004D48 Mental Health Technician(Entry Level) OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004FX3 Janitor OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004NY8 Department Specialist OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004NWD Warehouse Associate OR 97526 Grants Pass
000042GL RN OR 97526 Grants Pass
00004MWT Labor-Fence Builder OR 97527 Grants Pass
00004P8G Patient Services Coordinator OR 97527 Grants Pass
00004MTZ Sanitation OR 97535 Phoenix
00004P8D Admin Assistant OR 97535 Phoenix
00004P8F Admin Assistant OR 97535 Phoenix
00004P6D Bookkeeper/Ag. Supply Center OR 97544 Williams
000040KF Oven Operator - Swing Shift (3day weekend) WA 98642 Ridgefield
00004P4G Secondary Operator Needed In Detailing WA 98642 Ridgefield
00004P4Y Secondary Operator / Detailer (Day Shift) WA 98642 Ridgefield
000040HC Oven Operator Needed for Day Shift WA 98642 Ridgefield
000040RG Mill Operator WA 98660 Vancouver
00004NHZ Packers Needed - 12 Hour Shifts In Ridgefield WA 98661 Vancouver
00004NYN 4th Shift - Packer (Ridgefield) WA 98661 Vancouver
00004P43 1st Shift - Custodian (Ridgefield) WA 98661 Vancouver
00004NF3 Entry Level Packer WA 98661 Vancouver
00004NF7 3rd Shift - Custodian (Campus) WA 98661 Vancouver
00004P13 Glass Fabricator WA 98662 Vancouver
00004MX5 Rebar Associate Needed For Local Shop WA 98665 Vancouver
00004P7C Billing Specialist WA 98665 Vancouver
00004K6Z Yard Loader WA 98671 Washougal
00004P60 Machine Operator - Plastic Molding (Day Shift) WA 98671 Washougal
00004P62 Machine Operator - Plastic Molding (Graveyard) WA 98671 Washougal
00004P65 Material Handler- Plastic Molding (Graveyard) WA 98671 Washougal
00004P67 Setup Technician- Plastic Molding (Graveyard) WA 98671 Washougal
00004N5J Day Shift Production - Washougal WA 98671 Washougal
00004P4H Yard Maintenance - Flexible Hours WA 98671 Washougal
00004P7G Office Administrator WA 98671 Washougal
00004P8J Material Handler- Plastic Molding (Day Shift) WA 98671 Washougal
00004LJS Inside Sales Representative (non-remote position) WA 98674 Woodland
00004NJY Landscape / Construction WA 98682 Vancouver
00004NXP Foreman - Landscape Construction WA 98682 Vancouver
00004B88 Machine Operator WA 98682 Vancouver
00004NJN Machine Operator WA 98682 Vancouver
00004P7M Swing Shift - Machine Operators WA 98682 Vancouver
00004GVH Packer/ Graveyard Shift WA 98683 Vancouver
00004NWS Sanitizers WA 98683 Vancouver
00004NZM Case Sealer - 2pm Start WA 98683 Vancouver
00004MZH Vancouver General Application WA 98684 Vancouver
00004MPC Production Workers WA 99201 Spokane
00004MZJ Spokane General Application WA 99201 Spokane
00004P8H Day Shift Production WA 99201 Spokane
00004P6R Team Leader-Electronic Assembly WA 99216 Spokane Valley
00004P0B Day Shift Pre-Cast Labor/Machine Operator WA 99216 Spokane
00004P1G Day Shift Precast Worker WA 99216 Spokane
00004P1R General Labor and Production WA 99216 Spokane
00004P58 Production/Packaging WA 99224 Spokane
00004P5W Production Worker WA 99224 Spokane
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