Lunar Logic

Who is Lunar Logic?

Lunar Logic is a technology firm that helps businesses make money online through commonsense, data-informed content strategies, design and engineering. We began as a custom educational software development company, and we’ve grown into a 40+ team of experts in analytics, SEO, content creation, and engineering. We work together to create business software integration and automation systems, digital content, analytics, websites and content management systems that help businesses succeed. Contact us today to talk about your website and online strategies.

But who are we, really?

The staff at Lunar Logic has one focus; creating the best environment they can to help programmers and creative people flourish. If we do that right, then our clients will love our work, our staff will be happy, and we will all benefit. Work is only 40 hours a week (no really, here that’s true), and we want you to spend the rest of your time doing what you love. We want you to be a high performer, so everyone around you can count on you. Likewise, we’ll expect the same for you. But then go home, be with your family, enjoy the world around you, or play Minecraft. Come here because our employees say its the best place they’ve ever worked. Stay here because you can have your life and your career in one of the best places to live in the country.

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