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Is Summer Finally Here?

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Is summer really here? Well, there are a few indicators showing signs that this may be so.  There is sunshine and temperatures above 70 degrees for more than three days in row. We no longer drive to and from work in the cover of darkness.  The school buses appear to have been parked away until Fall. The "boys of summer" have taken to the minor league fields.  We have just celebrated our Nation's 235th year of independence.  The "Out of Office" automated email responses are piling up in our sales people's in-boxes. favorite indicator of all, the calls for vacation fill-ins and seasonal production increases are growing.

Yep, It Must Be SUMMER! And thank goodness for that.

Can we help you with a staffing project this Summer?  We have staff available to support all types of seasonal workload changes.  Contact a Branch office near you today!

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