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Does the target require a Sniper or a Shotgun?

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This analogy came up recently when we were consulting with a prospective client about their recruiting approach for a very hard to fill position.  This particular client has a requirement for a very specific skill set in a manufacturing industry at a below average wage rate.  A difficult fill to say the least.  However, their approach to finding the target candidate was a "shot-gun" style recruitment which consisted of  spreading the opportunity to a number of providers and hoping one of them happened to have the right person in their database.  Well, guess what, the job remained (and still remains) unfilled. 

In today's economy businesses need a more focused, "sniper"approach to recruiting.  We accomplish this for our clients by committing our recruiting specialist who utilize strategic sourcingtools to hone in on the exact needs for the position and pinpoint relevant resources for qualified candidates.  This does, however, require our client to commit the opportunity to us to engage the total resources necessary to fill the job. 

Quality recruiting requires focused resources to produce the most qualified candidates.  This is time consuming and expensive and illustrates why Personnel Source remains among the most successful services in all fields of recruiting.  Do you have a narrow target?  We WILL hit it. 

Can we help you with a staffing project?  We have staff available to support all types of seasonal and long-term workload changes.  Contact a Branch office near you today!      

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