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Medford, OR 97501


Various short term positions helping our community while working with Jackson County Health and Human Services at the upcoming Vaccine Clinic, M-F, 8am-5pm:

Greeter: Ensure people have the VAR and insurance form. Provide people with Vsafe and offer EUA on vaccine. Provide handouts on what to do after they have been vaccinated. (x2) @ $15/hr

Check-In Staff: Verify appointment and check patient in. (x2) @ $15/hr

Screener: Screen VAR for contraindications. Refer the person to the medical consultant if contraindications are identified. If the person has questions about the vaccine, consult with the medical consultant. (x3) @ $15/hr

Medical Consultant: Reviews contraindications and answers medical questions. (x1) @ $50/hr

Vaccine Preparation: Prepare and draw vaccine up for vaccinators (x2) @ $20/hr

Vaccinators: Provides vaccination to eligible populations (x6) @ $25/hr

Traffic Control: Direct people to the proper vaccine line, manage the flow of the traffic.and direct to the correct line (x1) @ $15/hr

Runner: (x3) @ $15/hr
? Greeter/Check-in/Screener Stations: Ensure the station has supplies, retrieve and clean clipboards and pins
? Vaccine Preparation Station: Run vaccine to the vaccine stations. Ensure vaccine station has needed supplies.
? Vaccine stations: Gather VAR and insurance forms to deliver to Daisy and her team. Ensure the vaccinator has needed supplies.

Helper: Stand by the exit, ensure people understand the directions about waiting, and answer questions as needed. (x1) @ $15/hr

Translators: Assist with translation needs at the Greeter/Screener Station and Medical Consultant Station. (x1) @ $15/hr

Observer: Observe people in the parking lot for an allergic reaction to the vaccine. (x2) @ $15/hr

Data Entry: Enter Vaccine Administration Records into the Alert system. (x4) @ $15/hr

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School
Experience Required: Entry Level
Last updated on 03/25/2021

Additional Information

Pay Rate:

15.00 - 50.00


Health and Human Services
3%2D6+Month+Contract Hrs/Week


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