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Grants Pass, OR 97526



? Performs specialized clerical duties to maintain and process records and forms in direct support of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and Contract Tracing Team.
? Assist in assessing incoming information to identify potential and active outbreak sites, monitoring as needed.
? Communicate with community businesses, organizations and facilities to identify outbreaks and potential for one.
? Provide recommendations, education and training in a respectful manner.
? Assist with providing community outreach and support referrals as needed.
? Attend required Program Meetings, Team Meetings and Staff Trainings

Skills Required: 3+ years of demonstratable proof of the following skills in a workplace environment:
? Proficiency in use of Windows 2016 or newer and Microsoft Office Suite of products for:
o Email
o Calendars (will be used for links to meetings and trainings)
o Microsoft Office Teams is used for program meetings, team meetings, and trainings
o Zoom video conferencing program
o PDF Fillable Forms
o Database Entry in a variety of programs and strong Excel usage.

? Effective, Clear and concise oral and written communication of difficult or complex issues.
o Strict adherence to principles of Patient Confidentiality are the number one priority of this Program.
o Understanding of the medical terms and principles of: exposure, infection, infectious period, potentially infectious interactions, symptoms of disease, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic infection for the purposes of accurate data entry.
o Excellent interpersonal communication and culturally sensitive skills in handling and receiving data and direction.
Other Requirements:
? A location in the privacy of YOUR HOME where you are able to PROCESS electronic information.
? A location in the privacy of YOUR HOME to communicate via video conferencing, email, and by phone without violating confidentiality.

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School
Experience Required: 3-5 Years
Last updated on 09/16/2021

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COVID-19 Outbreak Tracker 20-188
Temporary Hrs/Week


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