Plant Supervisor

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White City, OR 97503


Supervises and evaluates the work of soil linen; sorters, operators, continuous batch washer operators (CBW), extractors and mending room employees. Work involves supervising soil linen staff; planning laundering schedules; ensuring the proper use and maintenance of equipment; maintaining records of operations; and preparing reports. Receives and communicates to facilities. Assist the linen directors of each facility by coordinating the distribution of linen throughout their organization.

Job accountabilities:
  1. Supervises and evaluates the work of soil linen; sorters, operators, CBW, extractors and mending room employees; effectively recommends personnel actions, related to selection, disciplinary procedures, performance, work schedules and assignments.
  2. Maintains an acceptable level of production in accordance with established standards.
  3. Maintains awareness of and complies with current safety, quality assurance and personnel policies.
  4. Supervises and evaluates the work performance of employees engaged in soil linen, flatwork, folding, mending, contracts, delivery, and quality control.
  5. Schedules work assignments and shifts during times of heavy workload, absenteeism, approved and/ or vacation/sick leave. Checks and approves time cards (edit sheet).
  6. Resolves employee?s complaints about work- related problems to protect the moral and working relationship between work groups and supervisors.
  7. Ensures that there are adequate quantities of supplies to meet production schedules;
    daily communication with Shipping Lead to ensure customers and facilities
    requirements are met.
  8. Compiles and analyzes statistical data utilizing the Linen Control System (LCS).
  9. Continually monitors processes and identifies areas for improvement; makes
    recommendations for the improvement and follows-up on implementation
  10. Interviews and selects applicants.
  11. Coordinates fold/soil linen training programs.
  12. Oversight of Quality Control and Quality. Report to Plant Production Manager any issues
    that are communicated from the facilities.
  13. Observes and inspects the laundry process for adherence to safety and sanitation
  14. Participates in leadership and staff meetings to make observations and comment on
    operations and procedures by providing input on laundry activities.
  15. Assists customers with concerns related to the linen service.

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School
Experience Required: 1-3 Years
Last updated on 06/03/2019

Additional Information

Pay Rate:

22.00 - 24.00


Mon-Fri occasional Saturday's
Full+Time Hrs/Week


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