Graveyard Shift Production - Washougal

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Washougal, WA 98671


Job Description: Miscellaneous Production Work (Plastic Drainage Pipe)

** Temp - To - Hire position. This company is looking to hire people full time. **

COILER - Taking the end of the pipe and locking it into the center of winder wheel. Start winder. Place your hand on top of the pipe as it is fed into the winder to ensure proper winding. Once pipe is wound into coil, press the stop button. Take tie ropers from adjacent rack, thread through coil and tie. Flip release bar to free the wound coiler. Pull finished coil off to winder and place in staging area.

SMALL STICK LENGTH PIPE - Pull cut selections of pipe from line, place on bench top. Move pipe selections to roller conveyor for automatic bander. Roll pipe into position and activate band pallet. Lift banded bundles of pipe and move to forklift for transport to storage.

TRIPLE WALL PERFORATED PIPE - Pull finished sections of pipe from line hopper, place onto rolling carts. Push rolling carts of finished pipe to staging areas for material handling. Place finished sticks in spin welder.

12 INCH PIPE & LARGER - Trim flash from end of pipe closest to corrugator. Stretch and place rubber gasket over end of pipe. Remove flash from end of pipe with Deburring tool and hand rasp. Apply tape over gasket to keep in place. Move to opposite end of pipe. Press button activate automatic inside trimmer. Manually remove flash end of pipe with Deburring tool and hand rasp. Apply ID stickers to pipe. Manually move piping from one level to another of trim station. Load finish pipe.

GRINDING SCRAP PIPE - Turn on grinder. Pick up one piece of scrap pipe at a time and feed into grinder.

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School
Experience Required: Entry Level
Last updated on 11/12/2021

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11:30pm - 8:15am Supervisor Louis Charuchinda
Full+Time Hrs/Week


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