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Facility Maintenance Assistant is responsible for monitoring the refrigeration system operation, identifying system failures or potential failures, maintain periodic logs as required by various programs, perform repairs on refrigeration system after approval by Facilities Maintenance Manager, monitor the upkeep of the facility, and participate in daily activities that contribute to a well maintained facility.
Refrigeration System Maintenance
? Compare physical observations to control (Hench & Logix) readouts daily.
? Weekend coverage when necessary. If schedule does not allow for weekend or daily coverage, coordinate with Plant Manager and/or Facilities Maintenance Manager for alternative coverage.
o Record ammonia levels and system readouts (engine room logs) daily.
o Visually inspect all evaporators no less than once weekly.
o Clean evaporators if airflow is compromised more than 10%.
? Participate in periodic maintenance of refrigeration system.
Facility Maintenance
? Remove ice buildup from vestibule floors daily.
? Walk entire facility (inside & outside) no less than once weekly.
o Record items to be repaired in Maintenance Log.
o If immediate repair is required, report to Plant Manager and initiate repair.
o Specific items to check:
? Dock levelers and lights.
? Freezer doors: seal, safety edges, flashing, vestibule integrity, and locks.
? Lights: Record light outages on lighting audit map. Replace as soon as practical.
? Overhead doors.
? Check tunnel fans and air flow conduit.
? Report and clean rodent/bird activity.
? Report any evidence of trespassing.
? Grounds maintenance as necessary, including
o Mowing
o Landscape irrigation operation (including winterizing).
? Maintain adequate amounts of restroom supplies in all restrooms.
? Fire System
o Monthly system checks
o PI Valves
o Riser sheds for accessibility and system functionality.
o Log water and air pressure for each unit.
? Primary contact for Alarm Central Station calls.
o Initiate response upon contact from ACS.
o Report alarm response and situation to Plant Manager as soon as appropriate/possible.
? If schedule does not allow for response, coordinate alternative coverage with Plant Manager.
Original: 6/12/2015 HR-90028 Page 2 of 2
Effective: 6/12/2015 Rev 1
? Understand and participate in all relevant safety programs.
? Summary tasks completed and review of upcoming projects should be reviewed with Plant Manager daily.

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School
Experience Required: Entry Level
Last updated on 10/12/2021

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19.00 - 24.00


Full time
Full+Time Hrs/Week


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