Aggregate Plant Mechanic

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Eugene, OR 97404


  1. Safely and efficiently assembles, installs, repairs, maintains, and dismantles machinery and mechanical equipment such as conveyor systems, motors, production equipment and measuring devices in accordance with plans, blueprints, sketches, operating manuals and specifications using hand tools, power tools, hoists and cranes.
  2. Observes machinery and equipment in operation for indications of trouble through sight, sound, smell and touch.
  3. Inspects and examines parts to detect wear and imperfections using visual observation or measuring instruments.
  4. Adjusts functional parts of machinery and equipment and tests their performance.
  5. Repairs or replaces defective parts.
  6. Lubricates and cleans parts and performs other preventative maintenance activities as required.
  7. Constructs foundations and aligns and fastens components to them.
  8. Cleans working areas and digs or maintains drainage ditches.
  9. Performs other duties as directed by supervisor.

Physical/Mental Requirements
  1. Capable of routinely pushing and pulling hand-operated levers, depressing foot operated pedals and/or turning steering wheels for mechanical and hydraulic systems; routinely removing and installing components weighing up to 30 pounds; occasionally removing and installing components in excess of 30 pounds; occasionally swinging a 20-pound hammer or bar; driving a utility vehicle.
  2. Capable of walking on uneven, slick, loose, and/or broken surfaces; climbing onto and off of equipment; squatting, kneeling, reaching, bending at the waist, and/or lying on back and sides while making repairs.
  3. Capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously (e.g., holding a component in place while turning a wrench, operating left- and right-hand controls and left- and right-foot pedals).
  4. Capable of wearing a respiratory protection device while working in hazardous atmospheric conditions.
  5. Capable of performing assigned duties for eight or more hours at a time in hot, cold, daylight, nighttime, wet and/or dusty environments, and in noisy or jarring conditions.
  6. Capable of identifying through sight, sound, smell and/or touch, and reacting quickly to hazardous situations.
  7. Capable of verbally asking questions, responding to questions, relaying information, and alerting others to hazardous situations.
  8. Capable of understanding and following instructions; solving problems presented by unexpected equipment conditions; recognizing and following common safety practices. The above listing of essential job functions is a general guide. The functions listed may not be all inclusive. Management reserves the right to change the duties.

Job Requirements

Education Required: High School
Experience Required: Entry Level
Last updated on 07/22/2020

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Full+Time Hrs/Week


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