Tax Forms

2020 Tax Forms

2020 Tax forms are now available online for you to download. For instructions on how to download your form please visit our download instruction page. Please take note that you need to use the option to access without an account as you will not have user name or password to the tax form portal. If you need a copy of your form please follow the link above for directions on how to download it.

1095-C Forms - Employer Provided Health Insurance Forms

As a large employer Personnel Source is required under the Affordable Care Act to provide employees that qualified for health care insurance with a 1095-C form. This form will detail certain information about the health care coverage that you were qualified for or offered. A copy of this form will be mailed to the address we have on file for you and will arrive separately from your W-2.

If you did not qualify for health care insurance, then a 1095-C form will not be issued to you.

W-2 Reprint of a Previous Year's Form

If you need a copy of a W-2 from 2019 or earlier please email email us or contact your local Personnel Source office to request a copy. Reprint requests may take up to one business day to be completed. You form will be emailed to you as a secure, password protected, PDF document sent to your email.

Personnel Source is not able to reprint W-2 copies that are older than 3 years, the limit on filing for tax refunds with the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue. If you require a copy of a W-2 from more than 3 years ago you can request a free W2 transcript copy from the IRS which will include information on your federal withholding. A similar transcript copy can be ordered from your state's tax department which will include information about your state withholdings.

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