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Brooks, OR


The purpose of the general labor positions for the food production facility is to ensure only top quality product is packaged and shipped, in a safe and timely manner, to fulfill customer orders. The production environment is fast paced; the production facility is kept at very cold temperatures in order to maintain the quality of the product(s). Employees who work in, and outside of, the production facility are on their feet at all times, other than during breaks and meal periods. Required Skills & Abilities: ? Ability to stand for long periods of time ? Ability to work at a fast pace at all times ? Ability to lift up to 35 lbs (dumper and stackers only) ? Ability to withstand cold temperatures for long periods of time ? Ability to bend, stoop, twist, and use hands (repetitive motion) throughout the day ? Ability to understand verbal instructions, follow directions, and work independently ? Ability to get up and down from a forklift repeatedly (forklift positions only) ? Ability to pass fork lift certification written test (forklift positions only) ? Ability to read and write Spanish or English(forklift, weigher and QC positions only) ? Must possess basic PC, computer skills (QC positions only) Job Duties There are various positions throughout the production facility. Positions include: ? Case stacker - stacking finished cases onto pallets ? Crate dumper ? dumping crates onto The production belt ? Filler, Clam Shell, and Weigher - these positions are responsible for ensuring the product is being filled into the clamshells and for double checking the pack weight to ensure they meet spec ? Sorter - responsible for ensuring any poor quality product is removed from the belt and place into the waste bins. Sorters work on a moving belt throughout the entire work day, must be able to see and tell the difference between colors, use repetitive hand motion all day, stand in one place all day, except for breaks and meal periods. ? Box Maker ? works with a team using box making machines to build product case packs ? QC - Quality Control is responsible for checking and documenting the quality of the products on each production line, as well as entering the data into the computer system. ? Forklift - responsible for the loading and unloading of trucks, as well as delivering supplies/packaging to production lines as needed. Must be able to sit for long periods of time, able to get up and down from forklift repeatedly throughout the day, and able to communicate clearly and understand verbal instructions. Must be able to pass a written and drive test to pass the forklift certification test. All employees are required to follow all food and plant safety guidelines. Employees are expected to report any poor quality products, any packaging issues, and any food and/or plant safety or workplace etiquette violations. All employees are required to report to work on time, take breaks at the set time, and punch in and out for their meal periods using the supplied time clocks.

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$ 9.75


40 Hrs/Week


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